Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow

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Joe's Top Ten Dumb Things to do in the North

  1. Fresh air intakes located next to loading docks, parking garages, dumpsters and cooling towers.
  2. Roof drains located on the highest part of roof with air handler roof top units located on the lowest part of roofs.
  3. Stucco that does not drain.
  4. Gas water heaters with draft hoods located inside the pressure boundary of the building enclosure.
  5. Vented crawl spaces.
  6. Outside air supplied to dropped ceiling return plenums.
  7. Dropped ceiling return plenums.
  8. Humidified and pressurized hospitals, museums and computer (data processing) centers.
  9. Parking garages under high rise buildings.
  10. Unvented gas fireplaces.